About Us

Who We Are

We are Christ-centered counselors who empower and guide others through our faith. We accept people as they are and meet them where they are. Our job is to love and uplift you, not judge you.

The Starting Place is a safe place for an honest conversation. Think of it as two friends having coffee together.  We’ll help you deal with whatever’s in front of you. There’s no judgment. All that we ask is that you face what you’re dealing with right now, not what happened in the past.

Our job is to love...

You’ll feel a sense of peace when you walk through our doors. From gentle music to aromatherapy, we’ve carefully cultivated an environment to help you stay grounded.

Our certified therapy dog, Tess, provides a sense of calm and comfort to our clients who may be experiencing extreme stress or anxiety.  She’s always happy to sit in with you during your session with her handler, Dee.