There is Hope

Addiction affects many people’s lives. It has the power to steal our lives and delude our perceptions of reality. Addiction doesn’t discriminate either. Despite your gender, religion, race, status, or sexual orientation, addiction can affect you. 

When you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s hope on the horizon. You can begin this journey to recovery without guilt and shame. 

When you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s hope on the horizon.

You’re more than your addiction. ​You are worthy. ​You’re a father or mother, a mentor to others, and a colleague deserving of love.

Whether you’re facing addiction yourself or are affected by family members who face addiction, we can help. There’s no shame in seeking help. We welcome you with open, compassionate arms. 

There’s no shame in seeking help.

Our counselor, Dee, specializes in addictions and is trained to recognize the roots of addiction, revealing the consequences and restoring the lives broken by such strongholds.

Meet Dee Wright, LCSW

Dee Wright is a Licenced Clinic Social Worker that’s been in private practice since 2012. Dee specializes in both trauma and anxiety disorders, and she is trained in animal-assisted therapy. She helps you understand that while naming our feelings and facing our emotions is important, our feelings are not always based on facts. Dee also believes that therapy isn’t always life-long. For some, it's very short term of course, depending on the situation at hand. For many clients there is a finish line.