Marriage Counseling

Getting married is easy, staying married is hard. When we say our vows in front of God, we promise to love each other through thick and thin. But, our love is tested.

In marriage, we’re helping each other grow. So, anytime there is a season of conflict, we must see it as an opportunity to grow. The idea is to pull together rather than pull apart. Instinctively, we pull away from conflict which, in turn, creates space between you and your spouse. It’s a conscious choice to fight that instinct and go to that person instead. We’re here to help facilitate that.

Anytime there is a season of conflict, we must see it as an opportunity to grow.

It’s important to realize that men and women speak different languages. What your husband says may not be what you hear, but what did he mean to communicate? This is where a lot of conflict occurs. Our vision gets blurry and we get lost in the fog of an argument.

Many people tell us that they can’t communicate, but we’re here to teach you how. Our counselors act as mediators, helping translate what you and your spouse are truly trying to communicate and facilitate open communication. Ultimately, in every argument, what we’re asking each other is, “Do you still love me?”

Meet Dee Wright, LCSW

Dee Wright is a Licenced Clinic Social Worker that’s been in private practice since 2012. Dee specializes in marriage and family counseling, and she is trained in animal-assisted therapy. She helps you understand that while naming our feelings and facing our emotions is important, our feelings are not always based on facts. Dee also believes that therapy isn’t always life-long. For some, it's very short term of course, depending on the situation at hand. For many clients there is a finish line.